For over 8 years, Sharron was one of the lead vocalists in the “Eddie Harrison Band” in Chicago – a 12 piece “orchestra style” jazz & R&B “big” band.  The band was considered one of the best in the state of Illinois, performing 3-4 nights a week.  As a recording artist, Sharron (her “stage name”), has appeared in Jet and Ebony Magazine and various televised programs, including the Oprah Winfrey show.  Her album entitled “Whoa” was released last year; and as one might expect, the album is a hit among her followers.


This rising artist signed a “deal” to co-author (with Maya Angelou) the release of “And Still I Rise” as a new single.  Sharron arranged the poem written by Maya Angelou into an upbeat, R&B inspirational hit.  She is one of the most “unique” talents in the music industry.  By day, she is Dr. Jenkins, a biophysical chemist, published author, a scientist (HIV/AIDS), and a professor with dual faculty roles at Purdue University and Georgia Gwinnett College.  She’s a songwriter, musician (piano), and now the architect of her own successful recording career.  She often states, “Biophysics is my training, but music is my calling”.   Sharron never wrote a song until the death of her younger brother, Ebony in 1998 (age 25).   Today, she sings with a gift, writes with a purpose, and lives with a destination!


If you are looking for a little neo-soul, R&B inspiration, you are looking for the up-and-coming, recording artist, Sharron.



“And Still I Rise” video/single links:


“Yes” single (music video):

 (the original video had over 100,000 views)